Thursday, September 7, 2017

You know you are Trawler Trash when...

Yup, we are definitely Trawler Trash.  Notice the patio furniture and our little outdoor Weber BBQ?  We have definitely transitioned to the "Dark Side"!
Patio Furniture? Really?

But, we are enjoying living in San Diego aboard our little Condo on the water.
Enjoying the Portuguese festival 

We still haven't taken Moon dance anywhere - just not quite ready.

La Playa anchorage jam-packed on Labor Day Weekend!
But we are very comfortable tied to the docks watching all of the other boats travel past us.  Our Condo has a gorgeous view!
Tracking down a leak

And projects are underway.

Some projects are on the list because of necessity (Doug's list); some are for the beautification project (Carla's).

Moondance is 33 years old and has some old systems.

So Doug is fixing things that break or leak, pulling out old wiring (there is a bunch), plus adding cool stuff - like my new electric head (coming soon - yeah)!

Our Cabin Before...

I have been doing the fun stuff - making Moondance pretty.
And After!

So far, I have painted our cabin covering up old stained teak veneer.

It took 10 coats of Kilz to cover the stains before I could even think of painting!

Then dyeing the curtains - that was an adventure.  It all turned out great - even Mr. Skeptical thinks so!

I am making my way to the forward bunk and head next...
Team West Marine

Doug and I are both working at West Marine and enjoying the discounts - cute couple, huh? 

Doug is also working at Suncoast Yachts, so he is a busy guy but enjoying the work.

He thought he knew a lot about boats before - now he knows even more.

Stop by and see him!
Always time to enjoy the sunset...

So, all good here in San Diego!

As we sit safely in our Condo enjoying good weather, we think of about all of the people that are suffering and at risk because of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, and the tropical storm that hit the Baja, plus all of the fires in California.

Be safe out there and help your neigbors!

Friday, July 7, 2017

San Diego - Starting to feel like home...

Gosh - it has been 3 months already since we purchased our "new" Moondance. It is crazy that time can be going by so quickly. We need to figure out how to harness time and slow it down!
Great seats at the Padre game

I am happy to report that life is going well for us and forward progress is being made.
Doug Scott - Official Yacht Salesman

Doug passed his State of CA Yacht and Ship Sales Person License - so he is qualified.  Over-qualified, actually!

Tunaman's Memorial
He is working for Suncoast yachts and seems to be enjoying the position. Call him if you want to buy or sell a boat - hah!

Cactus Flower???
Doug is also working at West Marine, so he is a busy guy.

I have been flying back and forth to Texas - family time.
The galley - big fridge included

Unfortunately, our current schedule means neither one of us have had much time to tackle the big Moondance Project List.
Our main salon

But, that is all right with us.

We have a big bed to sleep in, the propane system is working, and our full-size fridge is cranking out ice cubes!
Our big bed - ah the luxuries

Plus, we have access to all of the amenities of the Island Palms Hotel on Shelter Island.

Pools, hot tub, bicycles, and a 20% discount at the Blue Wave Bar.

Enjoying the sunshine
Doug is very happy man.

Beautiful view of the harbor

And, we are in such a beautiful part of the country.

We cross the street and have a million/billion $$$ view of the San Diego Harbor.  Amazing!
Fireworks over San Diego Harbor

Our "current" plans... I will go to work (hopefully at West Marine) in August.

I need to start making some Moolah to buy all those new boat goodies - like electronics, dinghy, engine, watermaker... The list goes on and on!
Art @ the Lafayette Hotel

So, we will be staying in San Diego until November, 2018, working and getting Moondance ready to cruise.

Then, possibly, join the CUBAR (Cruise Underway to Baja Rally).  A rally of about 50 power boats heading to Mexico.  We will have to think about that.

If you would like to do some Glamping - come and visit us!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The New Moondance!

We found our new boat/home - yeah!
The New Moondance

After months of looking from the East coast to the West coast, we got lucky.

Visiting Darrell and Sarah (m/v Scrimshaw)

Our good friends, Darrell and Sarah (Suncoast Yachts) found the boat we have been looking for in San Diego, California.

Captain Doug at the helm
The new Moondance is a 1984 Ocean Alexander 38' trawler (built in Taiwan).

She is in great condition, met all of our requirements, most of our would-like-to-have's, and in our price range.
Beach Art

Plus, she is on the Pacific and a short distance from all of our friends in Mexico - yeah!
Hanging with Deb and Kath at Ocean Beach

We are looking forward to sitting out on the sundeck watching the world go by - our favorite past time.
Possum rescue

Of course, we have already generated a list of enhancements and improvements.
Doug walking Clara and Bobby

Fortunately, most of them are "want to's" and only a few "have to's".
Relaxing on Orcinius

Thanks so much to our friends John and Lisa (s/v Orcinuis) for letting us stay on their beautiful boat.
Danette and Doug at the Barn Dance

Made life so much easier (and cheaper) as we went thru the boat buying process. Sweet people!
Fishing not catching

Our current plan...
Sunrise on the Columbia River

Hop back and forth between Texas and San Diego working on Moondance until we can move aboard full time - hopefully soon.
Dinner with the family in Washington

Of course, we are going to have to work while living aboard in San Diego!
Oyster slurping contest - yuck!

Paying California prices, plus buying a bunch of boat goodies is going to cost big bucks.
Catching up with the crew of Bella Vita

We are definitely going to need a job at West Marine for the boat discounts!
Washington State Capitol

So excited that the search is over and we can get back to the cruising life.
Doug and Cloe and Widget

We have missed it, plus our cruising friends.
Good friends Roger and Laurie

Come and visit us sometime if you are in the neighborhood!
World of Weed - oh boy!

PS: This is a collection of pictures from our 3-month road trip (TX, NM, UT, ID, OR, WA, OR, ID, OR, NV, CA, AZ, NM, and TX).  We were pooped!
Stonehenge Memorial in Maryville

Loved seeing friends and family along the way.

We missed some and didn't get to visit long enough, but loved every minute of it.
Katy and Levi - sweet

Plus, we enjoyed our  house sitting gigs in Olympia, Washington, and San Diego, California.
Great friends from La Grande!

Great places to stay, plus we got to play with the doggies!
I won a TV - hah!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Catching up!

Yup, I am way behind, but I don't want to skip sharing any of our family fun!

Catherine and Ryan
The Warren Clan gathered this year in Texas to celebrate a wedding.

Ryan and Catherine wearing their Salusalu's

Becky and Dave's son, Ryan, marrying sweet Catherine.

Having a laugh

We had such a great time - celebrating, telling stories, laughing, eating - and just spending time with the family - new and old.

Mom and Dad -- first dance

The wedding (and the bride and groom) were beautiful and everything went perfectly.

Eric and Gavin working it

Not because of the Warren's tho.

Catherine's family and friends did an excellent job.

We were having way too much fun!
Crazy family stories - love this picture

We did throw the night-before party.
Beautiful Sisters

We went for food and fun.

A Mexican Fiesta with all of the fixins.

Love my family
It was yummy and we all had a great time.
Danette and Phil enjoying the sun

Besides the wedding celebration, we had lots of Christmas's as family flew in to join us.
More presents?

We love opening presents and cooking and eating, so no complaints from us!
Gavin enjoying 2nd Christmas

There was lots of time to catch up, work on puzzles, and play 42 - a family favorite.
Mom and Dad all dressed up

It was wonderful spending time with the family - as always.
Ness and Eric cheesing it!

But, time goes way too fast when you are having this much fun (as always).
Riding thru New Mexico

We hated to say goodbye to the family in Texas, but it was time to get moving again.

Love those New Mexico blue skies

So, we motored thru six states (New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and finally Washington).

It would have been nice to stop and visit along the way, but we were surrounded by big storms with lots of snow and ice (harrowing).

We just wanted to get the trip over with.
Surviving cold cold winter

Now, we are safe and sound in Tri-Cities, Washington, where it has been very cold and we have had lots of that white stuff (not sand).

But, we have had a great time catching up with friends and family (plus wearing all our warm clothes) and helping at our family's winery - Tucannon Cellars.  Come see us if you are in the neighborhood.

Now, it is time to go shopping for our next boat.  Seattle - here we come!